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Working on the periphery of science and art, Dr. Divya Sharma excels in creating individualized, effective and lasting solutions for the body and mind of the athlete.

Dr.Divya Sharma


Dr.Divya Sharma ( Social Physiotherapist | Artist )

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Dr. Divya Sharma is a sports therapist, physiotherapist, and artist who practices kinesiology taping, pilates and dry needling. Apart from her distinct excellence in academics and profession, what primarily sets Divya apart from her counterparts in the industry is the nature of her solutions, they are tailored to naturally suit your body, behavior, and routine seamlessly.
Her diverse skill set makes for the precise diagnosis of the individual using simple, natural, machineless solutions that the human body is inherently wired to respond to.

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Why Choose Me

It became clear to Divya (and those around her) at an early age that she possessed a fairly lucid intuition. Her perception of people and sharp observational skills had already created in her the ideal mentor before she was professionally equipped.

After her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy, she obtained a Master’s in Sports Therapy at Leeds Metropolitan University (U.K.), after which Divya acquired myriad sports clientele in Leeds, including the Bradford City Football Club, Bradford Bulls Rugby Club and several sports clinics in the U.K.

Combining her acute understanding of the body with her strikingly accurate perception of the mind in a seamless blend, Divya is equipped to deal with every individual’s predicaments, and pave the most effective path for change and improved function.

What i do



    Emboldened by her paternal grandfather who advocated physiotherapy at a time when it was frowned upon, she developed an interest early in life, which deepened when she picked up gymnastics and karate as a child. She went on to attend K.J. Somaiya College of Physiotherapy, where she received her Bachelor’s degree, post which she studied psychology of sport and exercise at Leeds Metropolitan University. Towards the end of her Bachelor’s degree, she began to set up her first clinic at Matunga, Mumbai. After an affiliation with K.J. Somaiya Hospital and Nanavati Hospital, word began spreading of Divya’s alternative approach to physiotherapy; promoting effective prevention rather than cure and understanding not only the unique individual’s body, but their habitual behavior to stop the cause at its root. Using the simple technique of hammering rather than the painful and less effective deep tissue therapy, Her clientele rose even when physiotherapy had not yet established itself as an efficient solution.


      Influence from her maternal family of portraits artists did not escape Divya. Solely under the tutelage of her mother and grandfather, Divya began creating and selling paintings as a teenager. As she grew, her art began entering auctions across continents. She soon acquired a studio for herself and received requests for projects as well. She has dabbled in charcoal paints, oil paints, designed and hand-painted designer clothing, set design and interiors. During her course at Leeds, Divya delved into the role of color and image therapy, specifically in sports and exercise and conducted an experiment on the importance of thumb in hand laterality recognition task using imagery under the supervision of Dr. David Punt, whom she credits wholeheartedly for her professional success. She also worked on a project on the effects of slow music on post-exercise recovery time at KJ Somaiya College during her Bachelor’s studies.

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      Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy (B.P.Th), K.J. Somaiya College

      Wrote a paper on the effects of slow music on postexercise recovery time.

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      Began her individual practice at multiple clinics

      Soon after completing her Bachelor’s degree, she began practicing independently at three clinics around the city

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      Master’s in Sports Therapy at Leeds Metropolitan University, U.K.

      Wrote a paper on the use of the thumb in hand laterality recognition task, using imagery, and a second paper on the effects of colors in sports team uniforms.

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      Research and internships at Leeds Metropolitan University

      Interned with the league rugby and football teams. Worked closely with ballet and other dance groups, crossfit, cricket and other spectrum.

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      M.D. in Alternative Medicine

      Conducted research on cupping, color therapy, human psychology and sport psychology.

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      Opened her new clinic in Bandra, Mumbai

      Relocated her clinic, Core Dynamics, now in association with Orthofit Clinic, to 30th Road in Bandra, Mumbai.

      Association with cycling groups, Pinkathon and marathons

      Began working with cyclists, marathon runners, boxers, players of MMA, squash, cricket, football, hockey and kabbadi, and belly dancers.

      Certified Podiatry Practitioner, Australia

      Interned with Orthofit, Mumbai post her certification in Vasyli, Australia

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      Classes on clinical pilates and kinstretch for posture

      Took classes on pilates and posture for athletes of various sports at Otters Club, Country Club and multiple yoga centres.

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      She acquires along with athletes and sports people, a wide demographic of patients from:

      Sports Injury And Rehabilitation Clinic, Carnegie Sports Center, Leeds, U.K.
      Sports Massage Clinic Carnegie Sports Center, Leeds, U.K.
      Bradford Bulls Rugby Club, U.K
      Bradford City Football Club, U.K.
      Chelsea Football Club, U.K.
      Arsenal Football Club, U.K.
      The Leeds Half City Marathon, U.K.
      The Capital One Football Cup
      Mumbai Customs Hockey Team
      Prime Orthopedic Hospital
      Dr. Fehmida’s Maternity Clinic and Nursing Home
      Lions Club of East Bombay Medical Centre
      Mukesh Patel Memorial Medical Centre and Sadbhavna Memorial Medical Centre
      Swasthya Kendra Charitable Medical Centre
      Healing Hands Clinic
      Muscle Xplode Gym
      Mumbai Customs Hockey Team
      Pinkathon, Mumbai
      Indian Tennis Federation
      PSW International Squash Circuit Tournament, CCI
      Otters Squash Open


      Divya is also certified in a range of additional skills that give her a unique, all-round perception of her patients and their diagnoses, enabling her to make a sound, precise approach towards solutions:

      Oromotor Rehabilitation and Respiratory Care – Indian Association of Physiotherapy
      Several workshops in Kinesiology (KT1, KT2 and KT3) from KTI, U.K., Europe and India
      Pilates – STFI India, and Pilates Institute, U.K.
      Sports First Aid – Leeds Metropolitan University
      Spine Mobilization – Sion Medical Hospital, and MFSMT, U.K.
      Sports Taping – STFI India
      Clinical Reasoning and Vertebral Mobilization – Maitland’s Foundation
      Mulligan Mobilization and Concept – Capri Institute
      Musculoskeletal and Joint Mobilization – Mulligan, U.K.
      Certified Podiatry Practitioner, Australia
      Dry Needling – K Active Europe and VPK Enterprises
      Bands, Balls and Balance – Therabrand Academy, USA


      My summers as a kid were all spent in the same way, every year; watching my grandfather Dr. Shivdayalji Pareek, a renownedorthopedic surgeon, work. And yet, the fascination failed to diminish. To my eye, he was unlike any other surgeon. He would treat people miraculously without actually resorting to surgery! Instead, he would use pain-free exercises, that he believed (and rightly so) were far more effective, in a time when physiotherapists were seen as “massage-walas”. The sheer power he possessed to heal people, with no machines, no drugs and no invasive procedures, left me gaping in wonder. As I watched him, my resolve to follow his footsteps got stronger every year, to heal people in the safest way, and what safer way to achieve this than by enabling them to improve their own health easily, using no equipment but their own bodies? The day I become a fraction of the healer that he was, I would call my career a success.

      In the present day context, I believe there needs to be stirred a change in the way people perceive physiotherapy, a method that is wrongly viewed to be time-consuming, executed in dozens of sessions, when in reality, it takes no more than a few minutes of impactful, correctly designed exercises to teach your body to heal itself. Hence the journey began, and to this day, it continues.




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